AI App Events That Cost Credits

Understand how MindStudio app usage affects credits.

AI Inference

AI Inference is an event any time an AI model is used to generate text based content.


Prompt refers to the user’s messages and all context that gets supplied along with it. Counted by token or character, depending on model.


This is all content generated by the AI model in response. Counted by token or character, depending on model.

Data Usage

Data usage refers to any usage that occurs when using a Data Source along with AIs.

Data Vectorization

When documents or other data is uploaded to be used as a Data Source, it is vectorized into tokens and saved in a MindStudio vector database. The vectorization process is billed by the number of tokens generated.

Data Query

A usage event occurs whenever the AI queries the saved data. MindStudio charges by the number of individual queries, regardless of the content.

Function Calls

AIs can run additional functions that are used by the AI. This usually occurs through Custom Function Blocks. For certain functions, MindStudio charges per use.

  • Function Blocks

  • User Inputs

Scrape URL

When a URL is supplied for an input, the URL is scraped for data. This is charged per scraped URL.

MindStudio charges by Google search performed via a Custom Function.

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