MindStudio Frequently Asked Questions

MindStudio FAQs

What is MindStudio?

MindStudio is the fastest way to build AI-powered apps. These apps go beyond simple chatbots. Using the no-code editor, anyone can build full web apps with onboarding screens, menus, forms, multi-step workflows, AI intelligence, custom vector databases, and more.

All apps built with MindStudio leverage AI models as the base intelligence, and you can use multiple models within the same app, letting you choose the right AI model for the right task.

Once published, your new AI app can live anywhere on the web. You can embed it into your website, use it in your own custom applications, or just share it as a link.

Can I use my own data in my AI-powered apps?

Yes. Your AIs built with MindStudio can use modern retrieval augmented generation (RAG) techniques to reference information from your own custom Data Sources, which are securely stored and never used for LLM training.

If a feature is not available for my app, can I add custom functionality?

While no code is required to build AIs, MindStudio is extensible by JavaScript developers, who can extend the capabilities of your AI apps with Custom Functions, unlocking limitless potential for your business or use case.

Can I integrate other third-party tools or libraries with MindStudio apps?

MindStudio is built with connectivity in mind, letting you easily integrate other apps and services to your AI Workflows. This makes it easy to incorporate AI into your organization's existing processes.

You can also integrate MindStudio easily into your own applications via API, allowing you to run headless AI Workflows within your own proprietary apps.

For a full list, see our Functions Page.

Can I customize the user interface of MindStudio apps?

Yes. All AI apps allow you to stylize the interface to match your company’s branding. Depending on the app that you build, AIs may also have customizable onboarding screens, forms for user inputs, and end screens.

Does MindStudio support collaboration on AI projects?

Yes. Teams can add additional seats, allowing team members to view apps created by others on the team.

How much does it cost to run MindStudio apps?

MindStudio offers 3 pricing tiers:

  1. Starter: $0/month + usage costs. Includes 3 app max, access to select LLM models, limited RAG functionality, and private apps only.

  1. Individual: $20/month + usage costs. Includes unlimited apps, access to all models, full RAG functionality, and public AI access.

  1. Team: $49/user/month + usage costs. Includes everything in Individual, multiple users in workspace, app embedding, API access, global logging, and deficit billing.

All prices will be reflected in a Usage/Billing dashboard and will break down the costs associated with your AI apps. For full details on pricing, please refer to our pricing page.

Do MindStudio apps work on mobile?

Yes. All apps built with MindStudio are fully responsive, and will run properly on desktop, mobile, tablet, and embedded iframes of various sizes.

How do I report a bug or technical issue with MindStudio?

If you encounter a bug or require technical support while building, please contact our support team via the support button in the AI Editor, via Discord, or by emailing us (support@youai.ai).

Are there any tutorials or documentation available for learning how to use MindStudio?

Yes. Below is a list of places to visit to learn how to build AI apps with MindStudio:

I’d like to hire someone to build AI solutions for my business. Do you offer these kinds of services?

If you are looking to hire someone to build and integrate AI into your business, we are happy to connect you with a MindStudio certified AI developer. Please contact us (contact@youai.ai).

Do you support custom solutions for enterprise?

Yes. For enterprise solutions, please email us (contact@youai.ai).

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