Enable Input Logging

Logging saves user data for specific User Inputs.


Use logging to save user data from a specific User Input in your AI’s Automation Workflow to debug or track events across your app.

Enable Logging for a User Input

  1. Create a User Input or edit an existing User Input.

  2. Locate the Advanced section of that User Input.

  3. From the Logging drop-down menu, select Enabled.

  4. Optionally, in the Test Value setting, enter a test value that pre-fills responses when previewing drafts of your AI.

Inputs with logging enabled will publicly display the message: Responses will be logged and visible to the developer.

Preview Draft

  1. Select the Preview drop-down button.

  2. Select Preview Draft option.

  3. Go through the preview.

  4. Select the Use test value button to pre-fill the input for User Inputs with testing values.

View Logs

To view your logs, navigate to your apps dashboard and select the Logs tab. All logged responses from that User Input display.

  • Date of the response

  • User ID

  • Thread ID from the app

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