Assign Variable Names to User Inputs

Assign Variable Names to User Inputs.


User Inputs store collected data in a Variable to be used across your Automation Workflow. By assigning each User Input with a Variable name, you choose where and when the AI references the value of that Variable.

Assign a Variable Name in a User Input

Assign Variable names inside the User Input configuration screen. See Create a User Input for more information on locating the configuration screen.

  1. Locate the Variable setting under the General section. By default, this setting is labeled “input”.

  2. Replace the text with a name of your choosing. Ensure that the name is unique in this AI. The name auto-saves after it is typed into the setting.

Reference a Variable Name

Reference a Variable anywhere in your AI Workflow by placing the Variable name between double curly braces.

Example: {{VariableName}}

NOTE: Any capitalization, symbols, or spacing must be used when referencing your Variable.

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