Pexels Image Search: Custom Function

Automate searching for free stock images on Pexels.

What is Pexels?

Pexels provides cloud-based search for high-quality, free stock images.

What Can I Do With MindStudio and Pexels?

Build a MindStudio AI that asks the app user:

  • for a term or phrase in which to search for images

  • how many search results to display

Automate the search and show the app user the results.

What is Required for This Custom Function?

  • Pexels account.

  • Pexels API Key. Create one here. Note this URL for the API Key setting in MindStudio’s Pexels Image Search Custom Function.

  • AI model for your MindStudio AI that can display images. Claude 3 Haiku is a great choice.

  • Image Search (Pexels) Custom Function.



Enter your Pexels API key.

Search Query

Enter the search term or phrase in which to find images. Optionally, reference a Variable that stores that search term in a User Input provided by the user. Example: {{Search}}

Image Count

Enter how many images to return in the image search. Optionally, reference a Variable that stores the number of images to return in that search. 1 is the default. Example:


Output Variable

Enter the Variable in which to store the returned Pexels image search. Note to not use double curly braces when entering the Variable name into the Output Variable setting. Example:


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