Benchmark the Profiles in the Profiler

Benchmark the profiled AI models in the Profiler to view real-time responses side-by-side.


Benchmark selected AI models side-by-side using the identical Prompt. Each AI model runs in its own profile during the test to display real-time responses.

Note that usage costs apply for the AI models run in the Profiler.

See this best practice when selecting the AI model in each profile prior to benchmarking.

Benchmark the Profiles

  1. Add a profile for each AI model to benchmark.

  2. Select the AI model in each profile as necessary.

  3. In the prompt shown as using the $ symbol within any of the profiles, enter the Prompt for benchmarking. The same Prompt displays in the other profile panes as you enter your Prompt.

  4. Select the Enter key on your keyboard.

The benchmark test runs in real-time. Faster-responding AI models display their responses before slower-responding models. Benchmarking data display for each profile after the test completes.

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