Advanced Embedding

Use advanced embedding to track each a unique user id and map an app session to each.


With advanced embedding the host website is able to provide a unique user id and map an app session to it. This allows app users to:

  • save their sessions when they return to the embedded app, even if they close their browser.

  • change devices on the same hosting website.

Note that advanced embedding is only available if your MindStudio Workspace is on the Pro plan or higher. See MindStudio's Pricing page.

Best Practice

Name your MindStudio AI to indicate if it is using simple embedding or advanced embedding. This helps after you embed your AI into target websites which type of embedding it is using.

Open Advanced Embedding

  1. Select the Show Advanced Configurations link at the bottom of the page.

Authorize Domains

  1. Enter the domain name of the website to embed into the Authorized Domains setting.

  2. Select the Save button.

To authorize more than one domain:

  1. Select the + icon.

  2. Enter another domain into the Domain setting.

  3. Continue preceding steps for additional domains.

  4. Select the Save button after you have added all domains.

Embed the Code

After the domains have been authorized, copy the Embed Code (Advanced) and paste it into an embed block on your third party website builder. This process will differ depending on the website builder you use.

Note that the embedding experience WILL NOT work on Google Website builders.

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