What is an Automation Workflow?

Learn what an Automation Workflow is in MindStudio.


An Automation Workflow is an ordered set of automated tasks that your MindStudio AI does when your app runs. The Automation Workflow visually displays these automated tasks from left to right in the Automation Canvas.

All Automation Workflows consist of three parts:

  1. Start Block: Initializes the Automation Workflow.

  2. Automation Blocks: Each Block performs a specific action within the Automation Workflow.​

  3. Terminator Block: Ends the Automation Workflow and begins the user to AI interaction.

Your AI can use more than one Automation Workflow. For example, jump from one Automation Workflow to another depending on logical conditions when your app runs.

What is an Automation Block?

An Automation Block, also referred to as a Block, is a task within an Automation Workflow. Each Block is an automated action in an AI. Build how your app runs by placing Blocks into your Automation Workflow in the order you want these actions to occur.

Overview to Build an Automation Workflow

  1. Add each Block to an Automation Workflow.

  2. Configure each Block based on the type of action it does.

  3. Select and configure the underlying AI model to do the tasks in that Automation Workflow.

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