Discord Webhook: Custom Function

Build a MindStudio AI that automatically post a summary of that blog article to a Discord channel.

What is Discord?

Discord is a cloud-based instant messaging and VoIP social platform for communication through voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and media and files.

What Can I Do With MindStudio and Discord?

Build a MindStudio AI that asks the app user for a URL of a blog article.

Automatically post a summary of that blog article to a Discord channel. Use this to keep your Discord community up to date on current trends and interests.

What is Required for This Custom Function?

Get Webhook URL for a Discord Channel

  1. Locate or create the Discord channel to send automated messages.

  2. Select the Edit Channel icon.

  3. Select the Integrations section on the left-side panel.

  4. Select the Create Webhook button.

  5. Expand the newly created webhook.

  6. Select the Copy Webhook URL button. Note this URL for the Discord Webhook URL setting in MindStudio’s Discord Webhook Custom Function.


Discord Webhook URL

Enter the URL for your Discord channel’s webhook.


Enter the text to send to the Discord channel’s webhook. Optionally, reference a Variable that stores the text. Example


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