Function Editor

Learn how to use the Function Editor.


Build Custom Functions in Function Editor. The Function Editor has three components.

Code Tab

In the Code tab of the Function Editor, enter the JavaScript code to run your Custom Function in an Automation Workflow. You can also edit the code of pre-built Custom Functions when you import them in your Workflow.

Best Practices to Coding a Custom Function in the Code Tab

  • Plan how you want your Custom Function to work with the third-party service or application with which it will interact:

  • Plan requirements for your Custom Function.

  • Consider if the AI Developer requires an account or subscription with the service to use your Custom Function.

    • Plan which permissions, if any, the AI Developer must have with the service to use your Custom Function.

    • Plan what interactions your Custom Function makes with the service.

  • Use commenting in your JavaScript code for other AI Developers to better understand how you built your Custom Function.

Configuration Tab

In the Configuration tab of the Function Editor, define a user interface that AI Developers enter configuration settings when they use your Custom Function in their AIs.

Best Practices to Coding in the Configuration Tab

  • Set the Block style to make your Run Function Blocks easily recognizable within the Automation Canvas.

  • Document requirements in the Custom Function configuration so AI Developers plan for them prior to configuring your Custom Function in their AIs.

  • Build the configuration settings for your Custom Function to be easily understandable to novice and experienced AI Developers. This increases adoption of your Custom Function in the MindStudio community.

Test Data Tab

In the Test Data tab of the Function Editor, test your Custom Function.

  1. Select the Test Data tab.

  2. Enter test data.

  3. Select the Run Function icon.

  4. View the console response to the right of the Test Data tab to ensure it runs as expected.

Best Practices to Coding in the Test Data Tab

  • Optimize the JavaScript code in your Custom Function.

  • Include the following prior to running your Custom Function:

    • Include any API keys, tokens, or webhook URLs as required by that Custom Function.

    • Include sample data, such as Hello, to ensure data successfully sends to the connecting service.

  • Verify that the service connected to your Custom Function receives the sample data.

  • Test often.

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