Image Choice User Input Settings

Configure these settings for the Image Choice User Input.

  1. Select the Image Choice option from the Type drop-down menu.

  2. Enter in the Variable setting a unique Variable name for this User Input different from others in this AI.

  3. Enter in the Label Text setting this User Input’s label that displays to the app user. This is the primary question or statement of the User Input that instructs the user what to do.

  4. From the Options setting, configure the image choices and their corresponding labels that display to the app user:

    • Add an option: Select the + icon below the Yes and No default image options. Select the Upload button to upload the option’s image, or paste a URL to reference the image. Enter the text label for the image the AI model can interpret easily.

    • Edit an option: Upload a new image, paste a new URL, or edit an image option’s text.

    • Delete an option: Select the + icon below the options, and then select the Delete icon for the image option to delete.

  5. From the Max Selections Allowed setting, configure how many choices the app user can make:

    • Pick 1 (default option)

    • Any Amount

  6. From the Image Zoom setting, configure how the image options display to the app user:

    • Fill the Frame (default option)

    • Zoom to Fit

  7. From the Labels setting, configure how the text labels below each image:

    • Hide (default option)

    • Show

  8. Optionally, from the Logging drop-down menu, select the Enable option. See Enable Input Logging for more information.

User Input settings save immediately. A preview of the User Input displays in the right-side panel.

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