Set Global Settings

Set Global Settings for you AI.

Entry Workflow

Set the Entry Workflow by selecting a Workflow from the drop-down menu. Main.flow will be selected by default.


Onboarding allows AI Developers to set User Inputs that users only see the first time they enter an AI’s Workflow.

  1. Select the + icon at the bottom of the Onboarding setting.

  2. From the Choose User Input Prompts to add: pop-up, select the User Inputs in the order to display them to the app user during onboarding. Add multiple consecutive User Inputs by pressing the Shift key on your keyboard.

    If necessary:

    • Select the arrow beside a User Input to open it from the User Input folder in the Explorer tab.

    • Select the Create New button to create a new User Input. The new User Input is automatically added and saved to the User Input folder.

  3. Select the Add button.

Global Logging

Global Logging enables all user transcripts to be logged and made available as part of the app's analytics. Users are notified that their session is being logged.

Set Global Logging by selecting Enabled or Disabled from the drop-down menu. Disabled is selected by default.

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