What is MindStudio?

Learn what all the buzz is about!

MindStudio is a platform that lets businesses rapidly create, deploy, and distribute bespoke AI-powered applications. Over 20,000 MindStudio AIs have been deployed across every major job function: Sales, HR/Recruiting, Marketing, Finance, IT, Customer Service, and more.

Using MindStudio, businesses can build AIs without code to create powerful web applications with onboarding screens, menus, forms, multi‑step workflows, databases, and more.

MindStudio is AI agnostic, leverage a list of existing AI models to perform tasks in your app based on which model is best suited for your use case.

MindStudio provides custom connectors, called Custom Functions, that connect with an ever growing list of third-party services and applications without coding. Connect with popular platforms like Google, Slack, Zapier, and more.

Provide more context to your applications by uploading your own documents, called Data Sources, in your AI apps. Data Sources may be Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, Comma-Separated Values (CSVs), text files, or HTML files. MindStudio parses Data Sources into searchable vector databases that your app can query to inform AI models how to respond to their tasks.

MindStudio apps can run anywhere: mobile devices, websites, or headless.

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