Style and Branding

Configure style and branding for your AI.


MindStudio allows AI Developers to customize the style of their apps as well dictate the amount of MindStudio branding that appears.

Enable Custom Styles

  1. Select the Root file inside the Explorer tab. The Settings page displays.

  2. Under the General section, select Style and Branding.

  3. From the Custom Styles setting, move the toggle to Enabled.

Modify Custom Styles

After you have enabled custom styles, customize various elements of your AI app's appearance.

Background Color

Change the background color to match your brand's color palette. Copy the hex codes from your preferred color palette and paste them into the app.

Alternatively, use the Color Picker tool to select colors, modify opacity, and adjust the hue as needed.

Text Color

Customize the text color to ensure optimal readability. Choose a color that complements your background color.

Buttons/Accent Color

Modify the color of buttons and other accents to create a cohesive visual experience.

Font Family

Change the font of your AI app to align with your brand's typography guidelines. Select a font that represents your brand's personality and enhances readability.

Corner Style

Customize the corner style of various elements, such as buttons and containers, to add a unique touch to your AI app's design.

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