What is a Prompt?

Learn what a Prompt is.


An AI Prompt is a concise set of instructions that use natural language to instruct the AI model about what task(s) to perform and how to respond. The Prompt guides the AI model to understand and fulfill your AI app's purpose.

Attributes of an Effective Prompt

  • Specificity: Write a Prompt precisely and accurately to receive more relevant responses.

  • Context: Define context in your Prompt so the AI model generates more consistent responses.

  • Structure: Structure your Prompt so the AI model understands and fulfills your requests.

  • Markdown: Write your Prompt using Markdown markup language. Markdown is a lightweight markup language to add formatting elements to your Prompt. See What is Markdown? for syntax guidelines often used in Prompt writing.

  • Parameters, traits, and constraints: State any parameters, traits, and constraints in your Prompt. For example, specify the response length, preferences, or restrictions in how the AI model generates its response. These explicit statements guide the AI model.

See Best Practices for Writing Prompts.

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